Location-Based Security
for industrial applications

New technology with multiple applications in the industrial world, IoT or OT communications.

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Physical access to critical systems

Monitor and control the access of providers and maintainers, allowing them to physically access the smart grid from places predetermined by your company.

Location as access cards

Use the user's device and a safe place as an access card to the most critical spaces

Temporary password

Obtain temporary credentials for smart grid maintenance or critical actions


Control who, when, where and for which each critical system is accessed.

CERT/SOC Security

Allow or authorize the access of employees to your Remote Operations Center (ROC), Security Operations Center (SOC) or Grid Operations Center (GOC) only from a safe place.


Safe places of access

Define safe places of access for the most critical systems such as operation centers

Temporary password

Obtain temporary credentials with permissions for access maintenance or critical actions


Zero-time deployment

Automatic security deployment of any IoT device, using the geolocation as a secure key. No more hundred of passwords and certs to manage.

Places like certificate

Use the installation locations of the IoT devices as a certificate or credentials, and all this anonymously.

Stop leaking data

Forget the risk of maintenance personnel knowing or leaking confidential data.

Remote access

Allow access to work remotely by establishing VPN and connections protected by your employee's safe places.


Secure VPN

Not depend on a simple password or a hard-to-install USB hardware

Easy integration

Quick and instant access to services for your providers and employees

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