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IRONCHIP® was founded by a team of two telecommunications engineers, Jose Gómez, CEO and Julen Martinez, COO, who began developing a secure investment platform for an American broker. We were selected for this project to solve a problem that kept them on the side: The security of the platform, and more specifically, the authentication of users.
So we started looking for different authentication solutions without much success. The alternatives were too complex for users, or they were not safe enough. So we set out to create our user authentication system. Thinking about the problem, we noticed that all users had one thing in common: They always operated from the same physical location. So we decided to use that location as an authentication key. We found some solutions that allowed us to add an access layer based on geolocation, but all were based on something very easy to impersonate: GPS coordinates. After several tests without success, we decided to use different artificial intelligence algorithms, which analyzing the radio signals of the environment (mobile signals, wifi, IoT…) certify whether or not a user is in a specific location. After two years of trial and error, we are proud to say that our artificial intelligence works with an accuracy of 1 meter of error.

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We spend a huge amount of our time at work. So the more that time doesn’t feel like “work,” the better. At the same time, we can be serious, without taking ourselves too seriously.

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Trust that everyone is here because they want to be. Trust each other to do what we say. Trust when we can’t we’ll let each other know. Trust that it’s ok to make mistakes.

Just build it

We believe the best way to learn if something will work is to just go do it. Our process is iterative, and we're constantly learning from the things we try. When in doubt, just build it.When in doubt, just build it, improve it, repeat it.